Post-doctoral Scholarship in Yeast Genetics

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Post-doctoral Scholarship in Yeast Genetics

Positions for two (2) young (up to 4 years after doctorate) post-docs, to work on the EU-funded project Yeasts – an evolutionary laboratory for studying nucleo-mitochondrial interactions to study the co-evolution of nuclear-encoded mitochondrial gene-expression factors and the mitochondrial genome in different yeast species, to analyze the mechanisms of mitochondrial RNA processing, and to propose yeast models for human mitochondrial disorders.

Salary: ~6000 PLN/month + benefits (pension & health)

Candidates must: hold a Ph.D. obtained within the last 4 years (2007 or later, this period can be extended for another 2 years for applicants who took a maternity leave after completing their Ph.D.); and provide a motivational letter, CV (with publication list) and a letter of reference.
Prior experience with yeast genetics and/or RNA techniques will be additionally appreciated.
All candidates must have a good command of English. Speaking Polish is not a requirement.
Post-docs and Ph.D. students should be prepared to accept some teaching responsibilities (in Polish or English).

We are an equal opportunity employer.

Application Deadline : 13 June 2011

Visit Official Website.

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