[beasiswa] [INFO] UI Career & Scolarship Expo XII 2011

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[beasiswa] [INFO] UI Career & Scolarship Expo XII 2011

In order to facilitate the graduates who will enter the workforce and graduates who will continue education, University of Indonesia Career Development Center (CDC-UI) as a center for career development and quality of human resources under the Directorate of the UI Alumni Relations will hold an expo titled UI CAREER & Scholarship EXPO XII 2011. Activities detail:
Dates : Thursday-Saturday, dated 29 September to 1 October 2011
Venue: Balairung UI, Campus UI Depok.
This activity invites companies / institutions that are looking for workers to participate as a participant or sponsor to conduct exhibitions, company presentations, recruitment and interviews. Also invited were also the institution / university scholarship funders to do the exhibition and presented the scholarships it offers to visitors. So on this occasion, the Company invited the CDC-UI / intansi Father / Mother to be able to participate as participants (exhibitors) or sponsor.

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